Madam Fortune

Pearl Rings


Designed exclusively for Madam Fortune, our tear-drop shaped pearl rings are crafted with your budget in mind. 

  1. Looking for the real deal? Try the Genuine Pearl - Gold FILLED ring. We added a hand-picked, genuine freshwater pearl to a carefully crafted gold wire. Bonus - the gold wire is filled entirely with 14K gold. 

  2. Or are you looking for something a little low budget but in the exact same design? Try our Artificial Pearl - Gold Plated ring. We produced a high quality, artificial pearl bead to provide you with the replica design as the genuine. To make luxury affordable, we accompanied this beautiful tear-drop artificial pearl with a gold plated wire. 


MF Style Tip: Pearls are one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Wear either of these rings on your ring finger for a more modish and feminine look! 

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